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february 2


Johnny: February 2nd. I jerked off into oblivion last night and today I forgot to shower… again. Oh well. It doesn’t matter, because I’m just gonna meet up with Will, and Tunny, and the usual suspects, again, for another afternoon of shit talkin’… Will: And cigarettes… Tunny: And blah fucking blahhh. Johnny: Ain’t it neat? God said that he would skin me alive. Will: Or was that your step dad? Johnny: Braaaad. Tunny: That motherfucker. Will: Heh, literally. Tunny: I think he forgot to shower today also. Will: And I think I’m beginning to notice a pattern here. Tunny: Ha, you think? Johnny: Oh shit, is this my life?

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So, around midnight on February 4th, Kobak, Jake & Van played three original songs at Deep South where Uncle Pumpkin played an hour before. Uncle Pumpkin is a band led by Dan who’s one of the guitarist in Idiot’s band.

Here’s Van’s song called “Going, Going, Gone.”

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